Sleep Thru Your Next Dental Appointment

Why Not Sleep Thru Your Next Dental Appointment?

Sleep Dentistry Helps Many Patients Overcome Their Fear of Dental Appointments

By Richard Corey

For many, a simple dental appointment can be a traumatizing event.  In fact, so traumatizing that many skip dental visits altogether.  Moreover, others bypass dental treatment due to time restrictions.

Now United Dental (1-866-75-SLEEP), located in the Dearborn Downriver area, is making life a whole lot easier for people with dental problems.  United Dental Center is using a sleep like medication without IV needles to induce a level of comfort unknown before.

This sleep dentistry method uses a small pill before the visit. The patient is not unconscious, but in a relaxed, sleeplike state. They remain responsive and can be easily awakened, yet they have little or no memory of their visit.  Along with their lack of memory, they also experience no discomfort.  Some say it is a miracle for the anxious or fearful patient.

As for the success rate, “it’s phenomenal.”  It allows the patient to snooze through their appointment bypassing any fear or discomfort.  And for the patient who doesn’t have the time for multiple visits, it allows all their dentistry to be done in one or two visits!